My top priorities are finding solutions for:

  • Street and infrastructure repair or replacement and maintenance
  • Affordable housing throughout the city
  • Living wage jobs
  • Neighborhood youth recreation
  • Mental Health Services

We need a plan to repair or replace the infrastructure under our streets. The challenge will be finding a way to pay for this and I believe we need to consider bonding, a small increase in the assessment to homeowners, and modest increases in the levy. We can only hope for federal or state assistance.

We need to build on existing programs to address blight in partnership with HRA and private sector to improve and save our neighborhoods and commercial areas.

Click here to view One Roof’s TLC Program

We need development that will put labor to work and result in permanent living wage jobs.

I will help promote partnerships with the School District. We desperately need youth recreation opportunities in all of our neighborhoods. I believe that we can make use of our school facilities and parks during the summer, after school, and during school breaks to provide recreation that is free or affordable for our families.

I will promote mental health services to¬†support all community members. For more information, please view the Governor’s Task Force on Mental Health